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U3 is a user-centric super app that aggregates everything the average web3 user needs, including daily content, events, social, and popular Dapps. Discover U3

Us3r Network

Create and nurture an ecosystem of decentralized hybrid applications, by building tools and infrustructures for an off-chain programmable, interoperable network of self-certifying data.


S3 is the only open-source data explorer on Ceramic Network, and as an early part of our decentralized user-owned data development stack. Discover S3

ChainAgnostic CAIP

We authored ChainAgnostic CAIP for Solana which defines how any asset on Solana could be represented in an interoperable standard.

Our Strategy

Create a vibrant Dapps ecosystem that transforms centralized apps data silos into user-centric interoperable and composable data legos.
Build the core toolkit, infrastructure (S3), and client app (U3) to bootstrap our network of users and interoperable data.
Continuously attract more users to the super app U3 and build more features into S3.
Allowing all developers to enjoy the network effects of the protocol, based on the open nature of the protocol and composable data.


Develop super aggregation app U3, average daily content, events, social, and popular Dapps
Build the missing programmable data layer for decentralized apps. "Supabase/Firebase" for self-sovereign data.
U3 Avatar: Onboard more users on U3 via "U3 Avatar NFT" drop, collab with wl.xyz
Open Source Data Explorer with GraphQL Support
U3 Share: User generated content of web3 news, airdrops opportunities, NFT drops, contents, events, popular Dapps
Open Source Data Modeller & Schema Manager for self-sovereign data
U3 Dapps: User curated list of popular Dapps using off-chain data curate data registry (make TCR great again with off-chain self sovereign data)
Data indexer to provide web2-like data write performance
U3 Data Wallet: chrome extension to manage user-owned data across Apps
Public Hosted Ceramic Node to onboard developers
- U3 Avatar: Application Context driven decentralized identity
Public Hosted Data indexer
Multichain (evm chains & Solana & Aptos & Sui & Cosmos chains) Login with U3 sdk to make user onboarding experience easier and easier to leverage U3 user base
Public Ceramic Gateway to support Dynamic NFT Metadata
Decompose U3 into component SDK and make it into reusable widgets for developers
"Cloud Function" to Enable Programmability
Universal Comment box SDK
Support Encrypted Private data
Universal Avatar Profile SDK
Support Shared State
Universal Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging SDK
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